Do you want to repair it?

Don’t worry!! You have come to the right place. We know how to make your old sofa look like a new one. Read on to find some tips to repair your old and saggy sofa and rejuvenate it to its former glory.

1.    Deep Clean It

Stains, dirt, and grime make your sofa look old and dirty. A proper cleaning regime or deep cleaning it once in a while would help make it look new.

Deep cleaning doesn’t mean wiping the sofa with a damp cloth. Deep cleaning is using proper cleaning products and methods to clean those spill marks and dirt on the sofa. A proper deep cleaning would not only make the fabric of your sofa clean, but it will also make it soft and comfortable.

2.    Buy A Slip Cover

If a deep cleaning doesn’t do the job for you or you want an entirely new look for the sofa, we recommend buying a slipcover.

You must be thinking, what is slipcover?

A slipcover is a protective fabric sofa cover. They are removable covers and can be removed anytime for cleaning, washing, or storing. Because these covers are made of fabric, you can choose from a variety of colours and designs to give an entirely new look to your sofa.

3.    Fix Saggy Cushions

Saggy cushions also make your sofa look old and bad, and fixing them can be a great game-changer. Just search a tutorial on YouTube and refill those saggy cushions with either poly-fil or feather fill.

If you don’t like the idea of refilling the cushion, buy plenty of beautiful and colourful pillows. Pillows will not only hide the saggy cushions it will also make your sofa look new and stylish.

4.    Change the legs

Does goo have a broken sofa leg?

Or you just don’t like the old one?

You should change them at your earliest, and it is not that difficult. You can find plenty of tutorials on the internet.

New legs would change the entire look of your sofa. You can choose from a range of designs, colours, and sizes.

5.    Paint The Upholstery

Reupholstering is a lot of work. If you are looking for an easier solution, just paint it. Yeah, you read it. all you need is fabric paint and motivation. Just wipe dirty spots with a damp cloth and start painting.

Painting your sofa would make it as good as a new sofa, and it’s waterproof. So, it would be a lot easier to clean than a fabric sofa. However, it can be prone to scratches, but it can be easily fixed with touch-up paint.

6.    Reupholster It

If your sofa is in really bad shape or you have bought an old sofa for cheap, reupholstering would revive it to its former glory. Just make sure that the body is in perfect condition rest would be fixed in upholstering.

The first step is to paint the wood frame and then upholster it with your favourite colour and pattern cloth. If you don’t want to get into the technical work, hire professional to upholster your sofa and make it look like a new fresh from the store sofa.