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Customer Reviews

VCarpet Cleaning

Customer Reviews

Kirsty Gundry 05/02/22

Very efficient and professional. Cleaned the carpets and sofa to a very good standard. Better than expected. Would recommend.

Deena Adnath-Evans 01/08/21

A job done to perfection. The carpet cleaner was very professional. Most importantly, I was very satisfied about the price quoted . Will definitely recommend Chichester carpet cleaning. Thank you so much .

John Rios 12/08/22

On time, communications topnotch, cleaning job spotless. Cant get any simpler or better then these guys!

Gregory Alexander 20/08/22

Outstanding job I can recommend to anyone

Pul 29/08/22

They were fast, the quality was good, and they left the place very clean. Great experience.

Adam Scott 15/08/22

Did a very thorough job cleaning my carpets. Very friendly. And I really like you guys so you
deserve 5 stars.

Jake Bell 18/08/22

My carpet looks beautiful! The service was professional. The best service I have ever experienced. Hard work which is something I rarely see these days.

Dan Morten 20/08/22

Absolutely the best carpet cleaners we have found. Thorough and efficient. What was dirty soiled carpets turned into looking like brand new when we arrived home.

Megan Taylor 22/08/22

Excellent service and beautiful job! Definitely our go-to carpet cleaning service!

Anker Karel 27/08/22

Very easy to schedule an appointment and they are overall super nice. Great way to lead into great carpet cleaning! Recommended to anyone!!